Friday, October 17, 2008

Some pics from Shenzhen (finally!)

So my memory card--the one with the majority of my pics--is still locked. I found a service center, but it was closed on that day (last Sunday). I will try to find another service center some time soon, but I had saved these pics onto my USB drive before, so I will upload them now. I still want to upload my pics from Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Dandong, Seoul, and Busan, but I cannot while the card is locked. I tried and the computer declines my request. Most of my pics from Dandong, Seoul, and Busan are on a different card, though, so they can be uploaded with relative ease once I find more time. I hope to get my card unlocked soon, though, because some of the pics on there are excellent.
Whatever the case, enjoy these "salvaged" pics for now.


Vitaly said...

otlishno, horosho chto zarabotala :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Kore info. I hope to see this also, in February.