Friday, January 30, 2009

"101 Reykjavik"

I watched an interesting movie the other day, an Icelandic film titled "101 Reykjavik." The basic plot is a convoluted one with a mother who invites home a lady who happens to be her lesbian lover. Little does the mother's son, Hlynur, know that the friend is his mother's lover--and when mama is away, things turn hot between her son and her, er, his, lover. This love triangle and tryst of sorts makes for an interesting, entertaining film, although it's not my all-time favorite movie by a longshot. It is, however, definitely worth a view, not least to capture a sense of the oftentimes wild and partylike Icelandic mindset.
P.S. The movie is available via Netflix and probably several other places. In any case, Netflix is where I rented my copy, but Blockbuster Online might carry the film, too.

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