Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Best Hostels Worldwide

When traveling around the world last year, I kept a list of the hostels, guesthouses, and other forms of accommodation that I was most fondest of.

I took into consideration several factors: location, price, customer service/hospitality, amenities, breakfast or other options, etc. Overall, there are 15 hostels or guesthouses that did a terrific job.

I ranked them in order, with 1 being the best. A special mention goes out to the West Lake Youth House in Hangzhou, China, which I have kept separate from the others due to the staff's determination to make my stay comfortable. It was quite an experience when calling Dandong, a city in China's northeast Liaoning province, and not having a Chinese translator here in Chicago; luckily, the staff at the West Lake Youth House called Dandong for me and refused to take any remuneration for it. (The call, in case you are wondering, was to book a spot on a ferry from Dandong to Incheon, South Korea.) And their location, prices, and early morning breakfast (which comes for an extra fee) are unbeatable!

The top 15 are listed below. If planning a trip to any of these cities, I suggest these places with the utmost assurance that you won't regret them.

1. IchiEnSou – Kyoto, Japan
2. Wombat’s City “The Base” – Vienna, Austria
3. Bogeda Hotel – Hanoi, Vietnam
4. Golden Pond Guesthouse – Seoul, South Korea
5. K’s House – Kyoto, Japan
6. Leo’s Hostel – Beijing, China
7. Hotel Raizan South – Osaka, Japan
8. The 3 Ducks – Paris, France
9. Oak Hotel – Tokyo, Japan
10. Zimmer Nice Hostel – St. Petersburg, Russia
11. Friendly Fun Franks Backpackers Hostel – Riga, Latvia
12. Rory’s Pub and Guesthouse – Phnom Penh, Cambodia
13. City Lodge – Stockholm, Sweden
14. Royal Mile Backpackers – Edinburgh, Scotland
15. People’s Square Youth Hostel – Shanghai, China

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