Friday, September 19, 2008

Some budget clarity...

So I added up my expenses and I am exactly $165 over budget. In other words, my deficit is growing, but not all is bad.

Here's why.

All in all, $165 for travelling 25 days is about $6-7 per day--not that much money in the end. And it comes, more or less, from the following areas that I failed to take into account when calculating my trip budget:

- 1% foreign currency conversion fees = about $10
- ATM fees = about $10
- Buying unnecessary drinks when I am in too good of a mood (either for myself or others) = $10
- Cambodia departure tax = $25
- Laundry fees = $12 (I was going to do this myself, but for $1/kilo, hell, I'll pay to save time while I can)
- Internet = $12 (I thought all of my hotels have this for free, but so far only a handful did)
- AirAsia ticket = $36 (when my flight to Phuket can canceled because of the airport closure...)

This is about $115. More than a third (but under half) of the aforementioned budget deficit--such as the Air Asia ticket or the Cambodia departure tax--are one-time things. The other expenses are from, well, spending too much. Both of those will be cut back on for sure, either involuntarily or voluntarily.

Still, starting with China, I'll cut back as much as I can. No more three-course meals for $5... a one course meal for $3 with water instead of a fruit shake should suffice. :)

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