Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Recession Isn't All Bad News...

Forget all the negative aspects of a recession like the one we're experiencing now. We've heard enough about them.

Perhaps one of the few good things about such a tumultuous economic time is the myriad coupons being made available. When opening my mailbox daily, I am littered with coupons to convenience stores, restaurants, clothing stores, supermarkets, department stores--not to mention online coupons, special deals of the week, early bird sales, and more.

Indeed, it's so nice not having to pay full price for my food that it's become almost like an addiction: having to use the coupon before it expires, G-d forbid! I've received coupons to IHOP, Corner Bakery, a local grill house, and Burger King all within the last week. And rest assured that I'm always keen to use them on time.

In fact, I don't recall when is the last time I paid full price for something during these past few months--and that includes movie theaters, books, and even electronics. Hell, even gas is back to about $2 or so per gallon--roughly on par with its price back in 2004.

One of the best discounted items of all right now are stocks, which have hit historic lows. Now is the best time to buy them, hold them, and then, potentially, make a small (or large) fortune once the market rebounds. Quite a good investment for those who have the resources to invest in such a thing.

Alas, I'm sure I'll be missing all of these bargain prices once the crisis ends, but before there is a turnaround, I could hardly be happier. ... That is, about all of these coupons coming my way.

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