Sunday, December 21, 2008

Days 116-118: Edinburgh, Scotland and the Long Way Home

I liked Scotland and I liked Edinburgh, but not as much as Glasgow, which I visited on a day-trip to Scotland from Ireland back in January.

Edinburgh had a much prettier skyline thanks to the Castle, and the exchange rate of 1 pound = $1.50 was much better than $2.00, but Edinburgh didn't captivate me like Glasgow did. And I don't know why.

Oh, for the record, the locals all call the city Edin-bur, so don't add in the "g" ending. Apparently, that's the correct pronunciation :)

And one more note: for one reason or another, it always tends to rain in Scotland... well, almost always. ;)

The castle, at 11 pounds and no student discounts, is too expensive, in my opinion. It is Edinburgh's most famous landmark, but 11 pounds is just a bit too steep. Luckily, haggis, at only 5 pounds, is both tasty and not expensive for travelers using the U.S. dollar these days.

On my way back home, I spent the night in Dublin Airport. For one reason or another, time went by a lot faster than my last night at an airport: at Heathrow in London back in August 2006.

And there you go... that's my 115-day trip, totaling some 16 flights, 5 ferries, roughly one-and-a-half weeks on a train. This is some 18.5 hours on video, 6,200 photos, and $9,200 later. Not a bad once-in-a-lifetime investment, if you ask me.

P.S. Now that I am home, I will finally be uploading pics of my travels to this blog, so anyone reading this, stay tuned, this isn't the end... yet. :)

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