Sunday, December 21, 2008

Minsk, Belarus (continued)

Luckily, after a week or so of adjusting to Minsk, one usually gets used to it.

And, in that way, I had to get used to my sandbox (a.k.a. brothel), as someone called it. My neighbor, a kind woman of about 60, stopped me on my way out one of the first few days to ask me where the owner of my flat was. I told her that I had no idea, since one of my local female friends found me the flat, and that I only saw him a few days prior to give him the money for the apartment. She then told me that the flat is usually a mess, since the owner doesn't care about it, and that it is usually used for one-night stands by randy men who pay hookers for a whole night and get their maximum enjoyment for this money right there in my apartment.

Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, per se, except that it was clear that the bed sheets were never washed. And that, true to her word, when the shower broke on day #3, the owner didn't bother fixing it.

All in all, for the 16 nights I paid, I only slept there about 11 or 12 of them.

But, at least during the day, I was home quite often... usually to clean up after a party or to cook myself breakfast.

I wished their was heating, though, but with such an irresponsible owner I was not surprised that even that was lacking.

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