Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Looked Like a Terrorist... But in a Good Way

So if anyone has read the post below, it says that one may fly on RyanAir with only one 10-kilo carry-on item. Well, on all of my 5 RyanAir flights I meticulously managed to scrap by that rule without paying a single surcharge.

You see, I actually had about six carry-ons with me. One was the one that I showed at check-in, which left me with five more. The second went around my waist and was barely visible, although it was actually quite large (it was a fanny pack [bum bag in the U.K.], and I packed my heaviest items in there). The third was a camcorder and cassette case, which, luckily, I wrapped around my neck and kept behind my jacket. Another carry-on I opened up and asked if it is okay to take it on board for free, since it was all newspapers of various kinds, and they said okay. The papers combined actually weighed about 5 kilos! And my last two carry-ons were sundry items, which I put in all my pockets. Now I wore pants with 6 huge pockets, 2 jackets (i.e. 4 more pockets), and another item, so I had 10 pockets to store stuff.

Basically, this meant that check-in was a pretty dull moment. I would look like a terrorist, coming to the check-in desk with all my pockets loaded with items that, from the way they looked packed inside my pants and jackets, could have been mistaken for explosives. Then after check-in, I would go to a small corner and unload all of these items into the original bags, which were empty. I was able to transport one bag for free of charge, since I told the check-in people every time that it was indeed empty and simply for souvenirs that I would buy along the way.

Pretty funny, actually. This ended saving me a minimum of 70 euros on the trip.

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