Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Minsk, Belarus: Days 85-100

Europe's last dictatorship and a Soviet Union time capsule. Or simply "communism with a cappuccino," as the Lonely Planet tourist book company had called this place.

All was great, except my first four days or so here. And except the weather. And except the place I ended up staying at. And except a few other things. Oh, well, I'll explain this in my next post, but, seriously, the people here have become a lot nicer in recent years. Maybe no one still smiles--and neither do I expect them to--but the level of customer service has noticably improved here, as have the visa regulations and border crossing procedures.

So Belarus is catching up with Europe at least in some aspects, albeit at a much slower pace. In any case, at least it's European geographically.

Unfortunately, I have spent so much time here before that I didn't get much sightseeing done, but as far as stories go, boy, are there a ton of them. Since my time at the local Internet cafe is ending, I will update this post tomorrow from Vilnius, Lithuania. )))

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